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John Abraham launched an action packed trailer of his upcoming sci-fi drama ‘Attack – Part 1’ today. Packed with futuristic elements, action and drama – this flick promises to entertain. At the film’s trailer launch, John spoke about comparisons with Hollywood, action heroes, sci-fi genre and a lot more. Excerpts:

On why he wanted to wanted to make ‘Attack’
This film is for all the youngsters because the reliability is more. Ours is a very forward film. It was essential to make this film because I believe this is a game changer. If the film is good, it will work. How much ever you promote a bad film, it will not work and even I have experienced that. I would say on record, ‘Attack’ is a damn good film.

On comparisons with Hollywood
We wanted to make a film where the world would say, ‘India mein bhi aisi films banti hai’. I want people to talk about the heroes and superheroes of India. They don’t wear their underwear on their pants but they fight for the country. We have seen Avengers, White House Down, so why can’t we have something like that in India? Attack is an answer to that.

On the film’s budget
Second wave of Covid hit and my budget was cut. But we sat down and worked it out. We’ve got a fantastic product now. I think it is all about team work. A team wins a match when all 11 players perform well so ours too was all about team work. We have not spent on John Abraham but on VFX on this film. Because the idea was to roll out a good film. I am not in the race of charging more or the least, but when its your baby, you want the best product out. With ‘Attack’, we wanted to build credibility as producers, as a team. It is action with a difference, to the highest quality. Everything in this film has been taken four steps higher than any other movie. Now if the film doesn’t work for some reason, we know that we’ve tried our best, no one can take that away from us.

On action heroes
You see Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel… they are the biggest action heroes. You know what is common between all of them? Their attitude. Action cannot be achieved by building a body, it is all about the emotion.

On clash with ‘RRR’
We have been assured of good screens. I have a lot respect for Rajamouli sir and his kind of cinema. But we also have a lot of respect for what we have done. We are definitely not number two to anyone.

On science fiction films in India
We are very behind, but we are catching up. This is first of its kind and I am also doing another unique film. I am encouraging this phase of science fiction. Today the audience wants to see something different, masala doesn’t work all the time. ‘Attack’ is the first film in this space. I am sure a lot of other actors in the industry will try this genre very soon.

On leaving social media
It is a very powerful medium, especially for me, because I am an animal lover. So to protect animals, it is a great medium. But my problem is, I don’t know how to use social media, I am not good at it. So when someone’s not good at something, then why be there?

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