Bra styles to opt for in summers

Great lingerie is all about the right fit and comfort, it’s almost second skin to a woman and hence the choice of fabric becomes imperative irrespective of the style element.

During summers, one can opt for fabrics like cotton, spandex, nylon, and rayon which are known to minimize the moisture. Then, there are blended fabrics to keep the shape of the bust that require zero maintenance. The aspect desired by every woman, which is lightweight and allows airflow and easy breathability to complement the weather, is something that makes the product exclusive. Today, women are also interested in bras with minimal fashion trims which can be best suited for summers.

This season calls for women picking from a wide range of T-shirt bras, strapless bras, racerback, wirefree, minimizers, and spacer-cups. However, a must-have for summers is a lightweight soft fabric with minimal lace details for fuller cups or a super soft and smooth bra and is a perfect fit for your everyday needs. Another comfortable yet stylish bra is an ultra-soft lightweight, non-wired brushed fabric bra and of course bras with elegant floral lace.

Additionally, high utility bras like travel bras that solve problems while traveling, sleeping bras where the special knitting provides structured support to the bust from all sides and the Feel Free bra wherein the bonded fabric of the product does not make the edges roll or loose, are also some of the must-haves for the season.

Like most categories in apparel, even lingerie has the Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter seasons wherein the color palettes vary depending on the mood boards and the latest trends. For instance, currently, the colors in vogue are cream, turquoise, yellows, oranges, light pinks, and greys which blend in exquisitely with the summer season.

Lingerie is the most intimate wear, closest to a woman’s body and besides making women feel comfortable, it should also make her feel confident! Women must ensure that the minutest details are taken care of – like the fabric should not irritate the skin, and the bra should provide the right support and coverage without sticking or poking into the skin thus making the garment comfortable and soothing to the sport.

Every woman’s body type and age requires a different comfort from the bra. For instance, women in their 20s need a product that will provide gentle shaping and lift, whereas women in their 40s would require a product that will provide a fuller appearance. Wacoal conducts research and development to provide the best and the finest fit to women of all ages, in turn helping them to boost their self-confidence!

Every woman’s second skin should be both comfortable and fashionable. Any size should be comfortable, and thus achieving the appropriate fit is crucial for every woman, whether she is petite or curvaceous/well-endowed. This also applies to women’s underpants. One of the primary reasons for this tendency is that women have learnt to appreciate their bodies regardless of whether they fit the so-called “ideal” parameters.

Bold colors have also made an impact on the lingerie runway. This is hardly surprising given that spring and summer months have long been linked with brighter tones. Many fashion gurus forecast the adoption of organic and pastel colors. The final result is that women are considerably more willing to experiment with distinct tones, which are frequently utilized to characterize their identities. While “traditional” colors like white, beige and blacks remain popular, alternatives like pinks and blues will be a breath of fresh air for many wearers.

With inputs from Pooja Merani, COO, Wacoal India.

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